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Faith versus Fear

Keep me free from the trap that is set for me, for you are my refuge.

Into your hands I commit my spirit; deliver me, Lord, my faithful God.

Psalm 31: 4-5

Does the upside down craziness of this world ever get the best of you? If you answered yes, you are not alone. With the numerous acts of violence,  lawlessness, and evil highlighted in the mass media, it seems like one long “Groundhog Day” after another with even the tiniest glimpse into current events. 

The question becomes whether or not you and I will continue to live set apart with open eyes and open hearts submitting, obeying Christ’s teachings, and leaning into God’s comfort and strength or will we cave in fear? 

Thinking about this I was transported back in time. I’m hoping this may resonate with you, too.

Have you ever believed you were going through life perfectly fine and, without warning, realized that maybe you were out of the loop and hadn’t received an important office memo? At the beginning of the Covid 19 Pandemic, I was shopping at the local grocery store where numerous shoppers had congregated in the medicine aisle. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Everyone was in a frenzy as they grabbed items off the shelves and literally threw them into their carts.

It was at that point that I was about to become unhinged. Paralyzed in my tracks, my heart rate elevated, my eyes began to bug out of my head. The agitated shoppers made me wonder–what if “they” were right? Did I actually need these items now? Would I not be able to leave my home to buy cold medicine or pain relievers ever again? Needless to say, I tossed a few unplanned remedies into my cart, along with the other groceries.

With my anxiety mounting, I steered toward the nearest check out and couldn’t wait to get away from the mild hysteria that was going on all around me. My usual calm, friendly marketplace was anything but. Never in my life had I ever seen food shelves completely stripped of the everyday products people needed to buy. Other items were strewn in such disarray and were scattered out of place along the aisles.

From what I knew at that point in time, Covid 19 was serious and the most vulnerable were at risk, including several family members whom I had been praying for, and still do to this day.

Agitated, I caught myself imagining being on the verge of slipping into darkness instead of following God’s luminous light. What happened to my positive, faith-filled mentality? Had I forgotten who I am and who I was called to be? I should know better, I scolded myself. I had, or so I thought, an unshakable devotion to God, the Almighty, who I trusted and believed in. He would never let me down.

Receipt in hand, I hurried to the far end of the parking lot and popped my trunk to toss my planned and unintended purchases inside. Gathering my wits, I turned on the ignition. Turned already to KLove, a favorite Christian radio station of choice, I took a deep breath. Then tearfully asking Jesus to grant me strength, I veered toward home.

No matter how hard it gets, you and I will always have a choice. Together let’s step away from fear. Seek wise counsel, and remember Psalm 27: 1, “The Lord is my salvation–whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life–of whom shall I be afraid?” 

In gratitude we pray.

Heavenly Father,

I am so grateful for my lifelong gift of faith. Help me learn, I mean really learn, to trust you more each and every day. Thank you for repeatedly rescuing me from my own despair, the confusion around me, and the voice of the evil one. May I realize that it is in You and You alone that I can relax and rest secure. I am blessed to hear You speak within the depths of my soul. Guide me to envision Your comforting, consistent, and unwavering loving presence in my life. Calm me to be still and hear Your voice above all others. I ask this in thy holy name. 


I thank God for you, my friend! 

Until next time…

May the Spirit of God lead you, the Word of God sustain you, and the promises of God grant you the gift of everlasting peace.

With love and prayers...

Thank you for being such a special part of the Faith First Women community. To share what helps overcome your fears, or to send praises and prayer requests email and you will hear back from me soon. 

Today’s Connection Questions are: 

-Recall a time when you felt a sense of anxiety, dread, or despair.

-Think of a situation where fear tried to get the best of you.

-How were you able to put on the armor of God and move ahead with positive faith-filled thinking?


A portion of this reflection was first published in Nourish Your Soul: 7 Secrets for Women Seeking Peace.

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