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Sunglasses versus “Son Glasses”

When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the, light

of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness,

but will have the light of life.”

John 8: 12

As this month draws to a close, I am reminded about one March day, when it reached a balmy fifty-four degrees in what had been a gray, still ice-covered, winter in Southern Maine. Kids were shooting hoops outside with coats strewn along the pavement of their driveway basketball courts. Meanwhile, others were riding their bikes or taking a walk pulled by their family pet.

There I was, smiling as I drove to run errands in my lighter jacket and sporting sunglasses on my face, rather than having them seated atop of my Subaru console. I could not have been more content. Just feeling the warmth, I could sense the power of the sun from the bright cloudless sky energizing me and filling me with optimistic hope that spring was on its way.

That was until I entered the supermarket wearing prescription sunglasses, forgetting my ordinary progressive pair. I shopped in the produce aisle in the dark. At least I could see; such a small sacrifice to make for such a stunning day. It got me thinking about how many times we struggle like the character, Goldilocks, seeking the “just right” of being too hot or too cold or how we hem and haw as to how we prefer our homes to be for our individual comfort. I laughed to myself. Here I was, adjusting to the lack of light due to wearing sunglasses indoors.

Just like the spectacular sun rays on this gorgeous springlike day, our majestic God set the sun, moon, and stars above in motion to highlight the magnificence of all of Creation.

Taking the time to appreciate the simple beauty in the ordinary allowed me to slow down to marvel at the prodigiousness of my Maker. All I had to do was pause. Then stop. And that is what made all the difference.

When I look with my heart, even as a Mainer, I can actually sing praises to God for snow season turning into mud season. Being mindful, I could feel the light wind brush my cheeks as kites were launched into the sky. To note, for the first time in a while, the fresh washed clothes hanging on the line gave me a sense of change.

My shoulders suddenly relaxed as I received a sense of hope, and a glimpse at God’s gift of peace. Just looking through “Son Glasses” reminded me that neither the long days of winter, nor the endless dark nights of the soul last forever. Yes, there will always be upheaval, negative emotion, and stress. But there is a shift in my thinking from the inner stirrings in my soul.

When I witness the awesomeness around me, I can better grasp the Spirit of the Living God within.

Somehow I must vow to remember that whenever mixed messages clutter my mind, or when fear and anxiety overwhelm me, that I am held in love.

Yes, it is a greater Source who is in charge here.

Naming, claiming, and taming these feelings and by leaving those sunglasses on the console of my vehicle, and putting on my “Son Glasses” have made all the difference. When I truly look at the world from the outside-in, in reality, I look at my own circumstances. As a child of the Most High King, I can begin to relax and rely on the goodness of God, and so can you.

Looking and seeing with clear vision through the light of He who knows all things, and is in all things, frees me to clear out the drabs of winter inferiority and lay the groundwork for positive, faith-filled living. For it is in seeking the peace, love, and abundance that only God can give that I can live out the first secret of finding comfort and calm for the days ahead.

Come now, my sister, let’s pray.

O Lord Jesus,

Thank you for allowing me to open my eyes to see the beautiful world you created for me to enjoy. Help me to release my fears and anxieties as you spring clean my soul. It is my desire to really scrub free from any human barriers I have built to unnecessarily busy myself instead of seeking your guidance deep in my heart. Help me to relax and rest in your warm embrace to discover your gift of peace. As I work with you, Jesus, I will become a new creation. “Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast Spirit within me” (Psalm 51: 10).


Thank you for being here, my friend. I am praying for you.

Until next time…

May the Spirit of God lead you, the Word of God sustain you, and the promises of God grant you the gift of everlasting peace.

Love and blessings...

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